Why Escape Santa Fe for Your Team?

We offer corporate team building and team bonding activities suitable for any company. Escape rooms require a great deal of collaboration and are great for adding a fun layer to building relationships.

Team Bonding

Teams that play well together, work well together. At Escape Santa Fe we embrace this concept to create a fun and interactive experience that will encourage interaction and raise morale. Let us know if you wish to book a team bonding event and we will work with you to tailor it to your needs. Please email us at info@escapesantafe.com or call 505 303-3876.

Team Building

Want to improve your team’s communication, leadership, listening, problem solving and teamwork skills. We offer an event with a professional team builder who will evaluate your team prior to the event. Then on the day of the event, the team builder will observe your team via our control room’s closed-circuit cameras and microphones, while they are escaping a room. Afterwards at our facility, the team builder will then debrief the team on the various aspects observed in the escape room.

Through Escape Santa Fe’s team building program, corporate teams will have the opportunity to maximize efficiency in the workplace by placing co-workers in a high-pressure, team building environment where groups must rely on one another to complete the task at hand. The result is a closer team, ready for whatever obstacle may come their way.

Escape games are exciting, intellectual, and unique – but more importantly, the most memorable work event your employees will ever attend!

Escape Santa Fe goes beyond the cubicle with fun team building exercises that stimulate creative thought, synergy, and efficiency in the workplace. Through a myriad of puzzles, hidden clues and mind games, teams will be encouraged to rely on each other’s individual strengths to succeed.

Create cohesion in your workplace and give your employees something to talk about today!

Let us know if you wish to book a team building event and we will work with you to create the event. Send us an email at info@escapesantafe.com or call us during our regular business hours at 505-303-3876.

Team building events must be scheduled at least a week in advance and are available Monday through Friday – 9:30 a.m. through the evening. Other days may be available – please call us to arrange.

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