Fredo’s L’Ultima Cena

All Escape Santa Fe bookings are in public rooms. When playing the game, it is likely that other people will be playing with your group. In order to secure a private room, please book the entire room for your group and purchase all the tickets for the room capacity. Booking the entire room does require you to have the maximum number of participants, but you do need pay for full room. Booking price is $30 per person.

Fredo made a big mistake. Took a little cash from the mob but forgot to mention it. Fredo had his last supper, but the money is still hidden in the restaurant. They’re coming to get it – don’t be there when they arrive!

You and your fellow restaurant go'ers are "Last Supper" situation and things look grim. You have one hour to escape!

ESCAPE | Santa FE | Fredo’s L’Ultima Cena

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